Youghall Beach - Hailey F.
I love youghall.I love all the sun rises and sun sets.I’ve collekdid lots of sand dollers and sea glass from youghall.I’v also colleked lots of blue sea glass.Last year I made a freind named Thomis.He lives in new york.The sand is so powdery it feels like fluff.It was so funny when we lost are kayak at youghall. It took days to find.The sand bars come out two times a day. Sand bars are little teeny tiny islands that 10 11 12 13 14 15 peppel can fit on them.You shoud come to Bathurst to see youghall beach.

Aquatic Centre - Abby G.
I love the aquatic centre. It is a fun place to swim.I go there too times a week.There is a Tarzan rope. Everyone loves the Tarzan rope.There is aways a big line for the Tarzan rope.There is a humongous water slide that is blue and swirly.That is my favorite part. I always want to go on it.There is diving boards at the aquatic centre.I know I always go on it.There is about 10 diving boards.I go on the diving bord because it dusint mater how old you are.You shooed go there.

Up River - Dax B.
My favorite part of Bathurst is my kamp. My kamp is up rivr. It yosto be a wood kamp. Peepl back then wood hors ride there. There is lots of moos there.One time I was siting on a chair behind my kamp. I lookt behind me. A baby bare ran akros the feeld. It was awesum! You should come upriver.

Titans - Meagan T.D.
The Titans play at the kc Erving. They have a mascote there. His name is bang bang.They have pop to drink and popcorn to eat.They put lots of butter on the popcorn and salt.There is so much peple there thet my dad has to put me on his shollders. There are hundreds of people there. Bathurst is awesome.You can come here any time.

Snowmobiling - Hailey F.
I love snowmibeline.My snomibel is blue . Its my daddys. We alweys go to the batherst snowmibeil club.I almost know all of the trail by heart.I love to drive the snowmibile. My mother woud freak out. The trail is all plowed so smothley its powder.All snowmibeils are alowd on the trail.I trided to sit in back of my daddy because I ushiley sit in front.As I watch the snow glide across the blade I so feel free.You rily shoud try the trail in batherst. by hailey

The Park - Titus M.H.

In Bathurst there is a park by the high school.I use to live by the park.Sometimes I go there with my mom.The park is a mediem size.There two slides.One has 3 little ones and the other one look's like a tunnle.There is alot of yellow poles around the park.The favite thing that I like to go on is the poles.You can go on your feat. For the slides you can go up them and down them but if you want to go up you got to wait until that prsin to come down.I allways do it when I go to the park.

Rivers - Anna H.
I like the Baturst rivers because rivers are beutiful.They shine in my eyes!You shued go there and look.When I go on the bus I always see the river.Do you like rivers?Me and my Dad go fishing. I could smell the ocean. You shued come see Bathurst river

GO TITAN GO - Shanie C.

Bathers is a wunderfl plas to live in beecause there is a lot of fasunating things in Bathers. One of the things is the Titan game. There is all hokey players in the areena.I’ve never been to one but I wood like to go to one.I bet the popkorn there is beter there then the moovees.My favrit hokey player is sindney crossby. I am big fan.I wish I could see it one day.Go titan go.

Parks - Abby G.
I love the parks in bathurst.There’s rilly cool monkey bars.They go rond and rond and they are difrint colors. Theres even a twisty slide that is every ones favrit part. Plus theres swings that can go rilly high! But there is too swings for babys and too swings for older kids. Besid the park theres a ziplin for older kids for 7 and up.At the park theres a tellaskop that you can see far away.But not as far as oter spays.You shood rilly go to bathust.

Nature - Hailey F.
I love nacher. I love the way that the breeze russels thro my hair.Theres lots of wild life in Batherst. One of the nacher vally is Dally Point.Thers a big tower at dally point.There are: deers,beres,and moses.The plants are: grass,flowers, and trees. My favirit wild life is sentipeededs.Whats your favirit animel in the wild?Come to Batherst to find out yours.

Aquatic Centre - Nathan D.
I love Bathurst because of the AQUATIC CENTER lesins.The lesins tacks 100 $ but it is fun!The pool can fit 100 peepl at a time!I”m in levl swmer 2.I started in swimer 2!!The lesins dos not alaw flipers!I dont like that rool.Do you?I wish that rool will go away because I have some! They are yollow! Thire are 3 ends the shalow end midl end and the deep end!If the parents don”t want to get wet theres a up hi spot with benchs were they do not get wet!Do you want to go to the aquatic center now?

McDonald's - Abby
Mcdonald’s is a great place to go if your in a hery.I always go there when I’m in a hery. They deliver fast food and have great deserts .I think the best desert is the smarty mcflurry. I love the postings there they are one of my favorites. For kids meals you get a rilly cool toy with it.Some times you even get a little teddy bare those are my favourite toys you get with your happy meals. They have the best fruitopias ever!I always ask my mom for a fruitopia.You shooed rilly go to the bathurst mcdonald’s.

SPCA - Anna H.
The spca save cats and dogs.If you like pets you shued get one!Because cats and dogs weren't kept well.I got two cats and I got them from the spca!How meny dogs or cats do you have?I wood wunder.If you have some cats and kids please don't let your kids pull the cats tail because the cat will get mad!Be cafole when you hold them. The SPCA is the best.